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Product Details :
FLOCON SLF 165 is a Factory Formulated,Premixed,Preblended cementetious formulation designed using European Technology for various Thin section High performance Overlays applications It is a single component pre-packed high performance polymer modified cement based mortar with high abrasion, impact and skid resistances and is ideal for commercial, light traffic office, industrial and residential
applications. It can used for Interior as well as Exterior applications

Its a Blend of various Cementetious Pozollans ,Polymers & Admixtures to achieve
various Surfaces finishes ,strength,workability etc It can used as Exterior Self-Leveling
Concrete Topping as well as a underlayment for fast-track resurfacing and smoothing for
exterior and interior applications over concrete and approved, properly prepared, nonporous
surfaces, including terrazzo, epoxy coatings and ceramic and quarry tile – on,
above or below can be sealed to create a concrete wear surface for commercial,
light industrial and residential applications, including storage rooms, workshops, parking
garages, parking decks, driveways, patios and plazas. It also can be used as an
underlayment for finish flooring before applications of vinyl carpets etc It can be
installed from 3 - 10mm in one application and up to 2” (5 cm) with the addition of
appropriate aggregate. Pourable or pumpable when mixed with water, It seeks its own
level, produces a smooth, flat, hard surface and dries quickly without shrinking, cracking
or spalling

• Flowcon SLF 165 is Capable of delivering excellent surface finish in thinner sections
( min 4-5mm recommended)
• Reduced Labour requirements,due to ease of placement & finishing
• Reduces impact on environment due to reduce in noise pollution due to elimination of
vibration for compaction
• Can be offered in various earthen Oxide Based UV & IR Light Fast Stable Colours
• Labour Savings due to reduction in Placing & finishing time
• When used as a screed can offer superior performance against conventional site mixed
sand,cement mortars.screeds
• Manufactured in a controlled factory environment to give a uniform consistent results
• Its formulations can be tailor made to suit the specific site/job requirements
• Excellent adhesion to concrete.
• Excellent abrasion & impact resistance.
• Repairs and resurfacing of old and worn concrete floors, roads, bridges, runways,
tarmac, etc.
• Patching and repairing of damaged concrete surfaces.
• Suitable for interior and exterior application, e.g.warehouses, car parks & driveways,
bus bays, Residential,Hotels,Commercial establishments interior & exterior floorings
• Repair and re-surfacing to damaged concrete staircases.
• Coating to internal and external walkways for new and upgrading projects.
• Protective screed for industrial floors in medium wearing areas
 As a repair patch over exposed concrete floor, slab and tile surfaces