Micro topping

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Micro topping is a dual component Polymer modified cementitious resurfacing coating material.
It can be applied easily in indoor and outdoor areas for floorings & walls or can also be used on
existing concrete /ceramic/Marble/Granite tiles and flooring, as well as walls. It fixes directly to the
underlying concrete, giving you a highly durable result that enhances old and new surfaces

Micro topping is used to enhance concrete floors or walls by giving you a blank canvas for adding
decorative textures, patterns and colours to your surfaces. It can be used on plain concrete floors,
concrete tiles and even decorative concrete surfaces. This makes it ideal for quick and easy
renovations from poolside and patio areas to indoor spaces.It can be offered as a seamless flooring
Micro-topping has a wide range of benefits:
  • It is quick and easy to apply with a short application process as compared to installing new tiles or laying a entire new flooring.
  • It is safe to use
  • There is no need for demolition, the removal of your current floors, etc. as it is applied directly to these surfaces
  • It has a low water demand
  • It offers long term durability
  • It is low maintenance and uses no grouting
  • It is completely customizable in terms of colour, texture and pattern, so it can reproduce a host of variable surface textures & finishes
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors both on walls and flooring
  • It is also used for bathroom floors & walls
  • It can be applied in as thin as 2.5 to 4mm thickness and still offer the robustness .
  • No removal The floor can be restored without removal, fast and clean process
  • Minimal depth Minimal thickness, no change in slab level
  • Continuity Can be applied with a continuous effect
  • Speed of laying Fast application process Savings in Time