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FLOCON TERRAZO is a Factory Formulated,Premixed,Preblended cementetious High
strength flooring Mortar / Concrete formulations designed using European Technology
for various Decorative concrete/Mortar /Precast / GFRC/TRC/Floorings /Polished
concretes, Thin section High performance polishable Overlays applications
For using in Cementetious Decorative Precast, Thin section Overlays ,Polished concrete
flooring applications or overlays for various surfaces to give them a Terarzo or a polished
concrete look
Its a Blend of various Cementetious, Pozollans & Admixtures to achieve various
decorative finishes ,strength,workability to be used along with decorative stones,
recycled glass aggregates as in-lays or thin section overlays
• Flowcon terrazo is Capable of delivering excellent surface finish in thinner sections
(min 6mm) the thickness is variable based on the maximum size of aggregates used
• It can easily flow in to the complex formwork or heavily reinforced sections in
decorative Precast applications
• The Mix design concept applied to the dry mix products ensures that each formulation
is robust,& functional in a normal site working conditions
• Reduced Labour requirements,due to ease of placement & finishing
• Reduces impact on environment due to reduce in noise pollution due to elimination of
vibration for compaction as it can be offered as Self compacting ,se;lf levelling or as
Trowellable consistency based on the Site requirements the aggregates surface exposure,
the shade & aggregate exposure required
• Can be offered in various earthen Oxide Based UV & IR Light Fast Stable Colours
• Formulations can be developed to achieve compressive strengths ranging from 25Mpa
till 50Mpa
• Improved out put in a Pre cast environment for pre cast elements & Decorative
• Labour Savings due to reduction in Placing & finishing time
• When used as a screed can offer superior performance against conventional site mixed
traditional mixed Terrazo flooring (due to continuous variation in workability, as the mix
design is dependent on the skillset of the mason)
• Manufactured in a controlled factory environment to give a uniform consistent results
• Its formulations can be tailor made to suit the specific site/job requirements